Outreach Services

The goal of Outreach Services is to increase knowledge of all populations on health care issues impacting disadvantaged communities and form partnerships with educational institutions, state and local health agencies, faith and community-based organizations, healthcare organizations, and other stakeholders to promote improvements in rural and minority health.

Outreach Services interfaces with every aspect of the Institute in an effort to raise awareness of rural and minority health disparities.  Outreach activities are designed to position the Institute as a viable resource within the health care community and throughout the nation.  The Director of Outreach Services works with a network of health care professionals, community leaders, and institution and agency representatives to target potential funding opportunities and enhance relationships that will expand the Institute’s vision of eliminating health disparities.  Outreach Services is responsible for coordinating communication with the Regional Advisory Board and the Institutional Advisory Board.

Regional Advisory Board

The Regional Advisory Board collaborates on the development and implementation of innovative programs which seek to eliminate health disparities. The Board provides advice and guides the expansion of the DRI programs and direction.  The Board also identifies and shares resources and information to assist in the success and sustainability of the Institute.

Institutional Advisory Board

The Institutional Advisory Board utilizes expertise to ensure the Institute is compliant with the goals of the grant and functions in accordance with federal, state and University guidelines.  The board is comprised of senior staff members of the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Community Outreach Linkages

Mississippi Department of Health
Office of Health Disparity Elimination Task Force Consortium

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Kellogg Advisory Committee
Statewide Diabetes Coalition

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center

Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH-US)
REACH MS Breast and Cervical Cancer Education and Prevention

University of Mississippi Medical Center
Health Care Disparities Committee

Health Care Disparities Education Subcommittee

Mississippi Prevention, Action, and Treatment Coalition for HIV (M-PATCH)
Community and Academic Partnership