Reducing Disparities through Healthcare and Screening

  • BAYOU OUTREACH AND SUPPORT SERVICES – PROJECT (BAYOU LA BATRE RURAL HEALTH CLINIC) focuses on improving access to care and health literacy for a high poverty and geographically isolated populations. Web technology is used to educate the public and collect health status information on area residents.
  • ADDRESSING HEALTH DISPARITIES BY REACHING OUT (TOUGALOO COLLEGE OWENS HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER) focuses on improving the health and well being of African Americans by implementing health promotion and disease prevention interventions and providing opportunities to access quality health care through its federal qualified health center.
  • DIABETES INITIATIVE IN AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCHES (DIABETES FOUNDATION OF MS) works to increase awareness of diabetes as a preventable and manageable health issue in minority populations through the use of a train-the-trainer model with church ministers. Workshops that increase disease management awareness, knowledge and skills are conducted.
  • HIV HEALTH EDUCATION PREVENTION PROGRAM (CITY OF REFUGE CHRISTIAN CENTER) works to reduce health disparity and HIV rates among African Americans by providing HIV/AIDS and STD educational prevention services and outreach in New Orleans community-based health care centers.
  • COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CONTROL¬† PROGRAM (LSU SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES) focuses on reducing cancer disparities by providing a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated approach across the continuum of cancer control. Through the establishment of a Regional Cancer Control model and providing patient navigation, cancer control efforts will be advanced by improving¬† provider adherence to prevention and early detection practices.
  • CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY APPROPRIATE SERVICES (CLAS) provides workshops to pharmacy, medical and dental students, as well as, a Spanish Immersion Program at a public elementary school and library.